Monday, November 15, 2010

The last week before Thanksgiving break

My head is spinning with all the To-Do lists in my head. 4 more days of school before Thanksgiving break.
I have a book fair to attend, Thanksgiving Feast to help out with (pre-school of course), Anthony's 5th Birthday (Wednesday), Cub Scouts, and I know there is more, I should have it written down.

Oh, of course, my Anniversary, Thanksgiving, and a new niece on the way...

What is bothering me this week, is my lack of Sponsors for my Holiday Blog Hop. Heck, I havebut one awesome Sponsor Jasmere.. My contacts tell the they are working with so many other bloggers. I have tried some of my Etsy Contacts to no avail, (though not my newest Etsy friend Kayla).

I have sent emails, DM's on Twitter... I am not sure how all these ladies get sponsors. I have no idea how to increase my Google PR. I am lost sometimes when it comes to my blog and sometimes, I feel like I am rockin' at it!

Any ideas from my fellow bloggers and readers?


  1. Tara, I have a list of some great review panels here:

  2. I picked you for the Stylish Blogger Award


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