Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Thanksgiving Plans

Thanksgiving is always a special time for our family. We gather, give thanks, stuff ourselves silly, and then the ladies divvy up the leftovers while the kids bounce on the laps of the family members who are lounging on the couch.
In the past 8 years, I have only spent 2 with my brother, who again, will be absent this Thanksgiving.
I will be Thankful for the phone call from Iraq I will receive.

Paul's Place of Honor set by my Mother-In-Law Thanksgiving 2002

Our plans are usually the same, but this year, we may be just playing it by ear.

"Normally", Each family group makes 2-3 dishes and we all gather at my In-Law's home. My household does the pumpkin pie (hubby's favorite, and usually tries a different type of pie each year), a green bean casserole of some type and I always bring something I *know* my boys will eat, even if it's Chicken Nuggets. They don't quite appreciate Turkey yet.
My Brother In Law & his wife will do something with the Sweet Potato, a Salad, and they are in charge of the Breads.
My In-Laws do the rest. Turkey, stuffing, Homemade apple pie, you get the picture. We go all out.
Now, since 2002, this has been the norm as my 2 older boys were born this month and I was either post-pardum or chasing kids, so my In-Laws took charge of this holiday for me.

Luke with his Great Grandmother on Thanksgiving Day 2002
My Mom's Mom

Luke, Anthony, and Uncle Joe Thanksgiving Day 2005

Our Completed Family Thanksgiving Day 2009
This year, we are going with the "plan" but it could change. My newest Sister-In-Law is due with our 2nd niece the week after Thanksgiving, but they are thinking of inducing her the week of Thanksgiving.
We may have a new baby with us, we may have a very pregnant woman.. We do not know!

Thanksgiving is very special this year for another reason.
Mine and Hubby's 15th Wedding Anniversay falls on Thanksgiving this year.

So whether we have a really pregnant family member or a new niece, and possibly sharing Thanksgiving with her in the hospital, we'll be Thankful. For our families, our children, our traditions, our lives, our health, and we always remember those who are not with us at the table, any longer.

Each Thanksgiving and everyday, we are reminded of how Thankful we are to be so blessed.

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  1. A lovely family you have and what a special holiday with it also being your anniversary.
    I agree that a buffet style is the easiest with a bring something style!

  2. Love the holidays and family fun it brings!

  3. You have a wonderful family and Happy Anniversary! Hope you will have a great day with your family! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. What a beautiful family you have! I hope your Thanksgiving is great, and happy anniversary too!

  5. What a wonderful time of year! So many exciting things....
    I hope next year your brother can join you!
    Happy Anniversary to you as well!

  6. Wow, sounds like a very special time of year for you and your family! I hope you enjoy it... and Happy Anniversary!

  7. First, I wish you and hubs a very Happy Anniversary this year!

    I think playing it by ear is alot more relaxing then the orchestrated events. Even if it doesn't turn out perfect, you all had a great time enjoying each others company and eating good food.

    We are going down to Arizona to see the grandbabies. I have not seen them since August and I miss them so much it almost physically hurts. The plan is to bring at least my granddaughter back home with us for a week. I wish both kids could come but my daughter doesn't think my grandson would do well away from home for a week. He will be 2 in December so I sort of agree, but hey, he would be with Nanny & Papa, not strangers. Well, gotta respect her wishes. At least one of the grandbabies gets to come spend some quality time with us.

    I wish you a fabulous Thanksgiving Day!


  8. WOW, Such a busy month for you! crazy! but so much to be thankful for!

  9. Such a great post. Thank you so much for letting us into your life! We share similar stories...just change the names..LOL ..oh and the wedding date!

  10. Hope you and your family have an awesome Thanksgiving Day! When I read that your brother is in Irak it brought tears to my eyes because my dad was also in Irak a couple years back. I'll be sending him positive vibes and a prayer :-)

  11. I love Thanksgiving as well. It's great to have a holiday that involves no gift giving, just family time and being together. I love that! Last year I worked on Thanksgiving and was miserable missing out on all the togetherness. Not this year though, this year is 100% family time!

  12. Plans have changed so many times in the last two weeks this past monday we just made reservations at the restaraunt around the corner for just the two of us. They are doing a really nice Buffet and we have gone there for easter and mothers day before and the food was phenomonal as always so we are sure thanksgiving is going to be a big hit too!


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