Friday, November 5, 2010

Need Your Suggestions for Birthday Activities

Next weekend, we are celebrating 2 birthdays.. Luke will be 8 on Sunday and Anthony will be 5 on the 17th. We always have dual parties, as they are easier.
We will be at our favorite park again. Our shelter has a wide open field and while we can see the playground, we are not right next to it.

This year we will have 2nd graders (7-8 year old), VPK kids (4-5 year old), and then some of the younger siblings are in Christopher's age range that go with him to Kids Morning Out (16-25 months old).

We have decided against the Bounce House this year just due to the wide variety of ages and not wanting the smaller children to get hurt if the older ones get to rowdy.

Anthony has a mix of boys and girls while, like right now only has 2 RSVP's (one boy, one girl)

We have kites at the moment. They are always a hit. We will bring Frisbee's and footballs.
I was planning on bringing some of Christopher's toys for the smallest ones to play with, on a large blanket. I am in need of creative ideas for the 2 other age ranges.

I thought about renting one of those spin art areas and a pucker station (make your own sour candy), but wondering if I can do those on my own...

I need HELP!!!

Comments, ideas, suggestions!!!  I am pleading, begging... !!!

Thank you,


  1. I think art sounds like fun! How about bubble wands?

  2. Where I work has a family picnic every year in a park with bounce houses (yes two one for smaller kids one for bigger kids) and then they had various craft tables set up. I think they got some of the kits from Oriental Trading

    Maybe you could do one of those races where you put an egg on a spoon and you have to race with it. You could use hard boiled eggs so there is no mess.

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  4. What about a piñata or Potato Sack Jumping Bags race, or arts and craft projects (like Beeb mentioned) hope that helps a bit

  5. bean bag toss!! they are fairly easy to make. you can also buy a ton of cheap white rice, and put it in a rubbermaid bin with sand toys- instant sensory table.


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