Tuesday, November 23, 2010

She's a coming !

My SIL is due with her 2nd daughter in the beginning of December. She (the baby) is large so they had a c-section scheduled for Friday, however, today during a Dr.'s visit, they decided my SIL needed to have her new little one TONIGHT ! Apparently Gabby isn't moving and my SIL has lower fluid than last week,

My hubby is happy to have another niece (it's his Big Brother and his wife) as am I. My SIL had a very tough delivery with the 1st and now must endure surgery. I tried to calm her fears, as I've had 3 c-sections.
So we won't have a very pregnant woman at the table for Thanksgiving, heck, we won't have Momma nor baby.. But we will count our blessings to have a new addition in the family..


  1. My niece Gabriella was born last night. 8lb 14oz and dark hair. Haven't seen her in person but the pic sent by my BIL is so precious !


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