Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thank you for the suggestions!


So after careful consideration and heading out to several stores today, here is my Birthday Party Lowdown.

We are having a Pinata, Bubbles, both wanded and I have a small bubble machine, I have crafts Foam design your own ornaments and a little card, a coloring station with large pad blank pages. I have things for goody bags. We have kites, Frisbee's, and some glider planes.

We have a handful of 7-8 year olds, at least 10 4-5 year olds and just as many that are 2 and under!

I am going to say be the time Saturday comes around, we will have a minimum of 30 children with their accompanying parents!

I did purchase a Diego Bounce House on clearance from K-Mart for $47.00. It's going to be for the smallest kiddos and maybe the 4-5 year olds. It's 86" x 75" x 79".

That coupled with food and the playground, I think we are ok.

I am going to get Food today after the littlest wakes from his nap. I think we are just going Hot Dogs with sides..

I am still undecided on Cake or Cupcakes. Cupcakes would alleviate any cutting and what not.. I am going for as simple as possible this year (though my above list would not hint to that in any way).

I appreciate all the input. It's been difficult to substitute the large Bounce House/Slide Combo we have had the past couple of years, but with finances as they are they the wide age ranges we will have, I think we will have something for everyone!


  1. wowza that's a lot of kiddos! cupcakes sound a lot easier, if you have your heart set on a cake for pictures and stuff, you could have a small round cake for the birthday boy to blow out candles and take pictures with and then just hand out the cupcakes. save the cake for a dinner at home.

  2. I know.. These 3 boys keep me on my toes! Hubby is NOW not on board witht he bounce house. I may return it. All else is a go! We will have a cake at home for Anthony's birthday. We did for Luke as well. They helped make them


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