Monday, November 22, 2010


As I sit here in the Mazda dealership, with no kids to entertain, I have time to think.

Thanksgiving is coming and we have so much to the Thankful for. My husband is employed in this time of uncertainty. My family is healthy. I get to continue to remain home, taking care of my kids. My brother will be home for Christmas.

I can plan (yeah,like my plans ever follow the right path), my week ahead. Think about gifts for my kids and ponder what in the heck I can possibly get hubby.

I think about my failed resolution to lose weight this year. While I did not gain, the scale is no lighter. The only thing to blame is me for this.

I think about my blog a lot. How I can better and grow it. What I am doing wrong and possibly right.

I wonder how crazy my kids are doing right now and if they are making their daddy nuts while I sit here.
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  1. I know that I find different blog posts through the GFC. I like giveaway, but also enjoy "everyday" posts. You are definitely fortunate that your husband is employed. My scale needs to drop at least 100#... I wish I could blame it on the scale though.


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