Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Whitening My Smile - Rembrandt & Reach Review

With the holidays rapidly approaching, I have many parties, school functions, and family events taking place. My smile, tainted by my love of Tea, is not the whitest.

I was given the wonderful opportunity to test and review several products from Rembrandt and Reach.
I received:
   *Plus - Wintergreen Premium Whitening Fluoride with Peroxide
   *Intense Stain - Whitening Mint with Fluoride (Removes Stains/Restores Enamel)
*Whitening Strips - Mint 5 day
*2 Hour Whitening Kit

   *Total Care/Whitening
   *2 Pack New Designs
   *Total Care w/ Listerine (Fresh Mint)

My husband and I have been faithfully using these items. My husband had the opportunity to use both the Total Care/Whitening toothbrush and the New Design one as he had the stomach flu and I made him toss the Total Care toothbrush once he got better. My husband also used the Plus - Wintergreen Premium Whitening Fluoride with Peroxide toothpaste. I am not a peroxide in the mouth fan, but he is. I did try it one time and you definitely taste the peroxide. He says it had a very bad aftertaste. He said it did not have a nice clean feeling after he finish brushing with it. He liked both toothbrushes but if he had to choose, he would choose the Reach New Design.

I tried the Intense Stain - Whitening Mint with Fluoride (Removes Stains/Restores Enamel) with one of the Reach New Design toothbrushes. I absolutely love the toothpaste. I love how it makes my mouth feel and I think it does leave my mouth feeling clean. I have been using the floss, which I normally don't floss. The floss actually feels thicker (width wise) and I like the taste. It doesn't feel like string in my mouth, which I like.

I have also tried the 2 hour Whitening Kit. Unfortunately, I couldn't do it all in one shot. My gums got sore from the gel. You are supposed to put in the teeth guards with the gel for 20 minutes, then leave them our for 10 minutes. You repeat this 4 times. I got through the 1st two on the 1st day.
I did complete them on the 2nd day.

Before Whitening

After Whitening
The Reach by Design Collection  - A NEW limited-edition series curated by interior designers Tom Delavan, Celerie Kemble and celebrity stylist Brad Goreski

Available at grocery and drugstores nationwide, including Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and http://www.drugstore.com/
All in All, I have to say that we have been very pleased with the Rembrandt and Reach products we used.
I would recommend Both toothbrushes and absolutely the Intense Stain toothpaste as well as the Total Care w/ Listerine floss.. We love our healthy, clean smiles.

Disclosure: The products featured above were provided to me for Product Review purposes. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine and my husbands. No monetary compensation was received.

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