Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011

I hope each and every one of you have a safe, healthy, and happy 2011

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm a Frito Lay Fan and have a Fan pack to prove it!

We love chips. The boys have them with lunch (boys, includes my husband), during football games, really any time the mood hits us...
I am a chips and salsa girl, so the Tostitos are spoken for.. Hubby loves the Sun Chips but the lightly salted stole the show in our house.

Here are some interesting facts I learned about Frito-Lay:
◘ Frito-Lay starts with fresh, farm-grown ingredients. Chips are made of only three ingredients: potatoes or corn, all-natural oils, and salt.
◘ Frito-Lay was the first major food company to remove partially hydrogenated oils from thier cooking oil in 2003. Their chips have 0 grams trans fat because they use all-natural oils like corn oil and sunflower oil.
◘ Many varieties of Frito-Lay chips have whole grains: Tostitos® snacks, which contain 8 grams of whole grain corn per serving, and SunChips®, which brings 18 grams of whole grain per serving to your diet! SunChips® are also a good source of fiber.
◘ Frito-Lay shows their support of American farmers by purchasing the potatoes used to make their potato chips from 80+ farms across 27 states.

Thanks to Frito-Lay for recognizing the fan in me ♥

Jelly Belly $10,000 Cupcake Challenge

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The Healing Tree

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beautify your Blog Event Info!

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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Holidays are over, sharing my memories...

The holidays may be over now, and the New Year is only a few days away, so I thought I'd share my Christmas Memories.

It started out rough with a failed portrait session at Portrait Innovations. If you've friended me personally on Facebook, you already know my feeling about "that" place.. If not.. I'll spare you the horridity and tell you NEVER go to Portrait Innovations !! after 45 minutes of watching people who came in after us, sit for pictures, pay and leave.. we spoke up and then customers decided that they would stick their nose in our business. Now we had 8 adults and 5 children... We wanted several poses but most importantly to my MIL was a photo of her & FIL with the 5 grandchildren and a full family picture.
We could have all together spent well over $300.00 with all of our different family pictures, but instead we left empty handed and very angry.

After that, we decided to do pictures at home as best we could...

Here is a slide show of our home created portrait session:
*First is our whole family:
niece Izzy, BIL, SIL, my brother (fresh from Iraq), me, hubs
newest niece Gabby, MIL, FIL, Luke , CJ, SIL, & Anthony
*BIL & SIL's family
*MIL & FIL with Grandkids
*my BIL with his girls

Next is a slide show of Christmas Eve , Christmas Day, and the 26th when we all got together for dinner.
There are various pictures of the family doing different whatevers..... Oh, each pictures cycles once for 8 seconds)

Now my brother is making the drive back to Louisiana, Hubby is at work and my boys have a week off to enjoy their gifts. All in all, it was a nice Christmas with healthy happy families and well behaved children. Great food and great memories...

I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season as well!

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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Jumbies winners were captainliss40 &
They were the only 2 entries

Progresso Panko & Autographed Cookbook Review and Giveaway
Raven In A Blue Room

Ok Santa, you've been Caught! iCaught Review and Giveaway
Libby's Library
tiffany ard

I had 4 codes and 2 entries...

Congratulations to the winners!
You have been contacted my email

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Scrambled Pasta | Real Simple Recipes

New Coupons this week from

Here are some new Coupons from

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Sitting on Santa's Lap

I was not anticipating telling Santa what I wanted for Christmas, but since I had to sit there and hold Christopher, I figured I might as well give him my list ;)

CJ was leery about seeing Santa, even with his brothers all set for it... He tried to sit by Luke, but it just wasn't happening, so I ended up in the picture..

Oh well...
Santa, Anthony, Luke, Christopher, and Tara

Tip for Internet Safety

Hello Everyone! I'm Melissa from Through Pain and Smiles and I was lucky enough to grab a Guest spot here at Everyday Ramblings! Thank you to Tara for allowing me to steal your blog for a moment!

A few weeks ago I had a wonderful IT technician who was at my job on an assignment. He shared with a very good and important tip that I'd like to share with you all.

As a Mom of a 14 year old boy who is growing up in this Internet savvy world I'm always concerned about him (as any Mom would be) and online safety. I can't think of a single person out there who is not concerned with the Internet and for valid reasons. Not only the content that can be found but also Cyber crimes, Hacking and the dreaded Viruses that can attack not only your computer but your security and personal information.

Do you know of anyone who has ever had their Identity stolen? I do. Me! While sites try to make everything as safe as possible things can happen. Even with the security measures I have in place on my computer, things can happen.

We all try to be as safe as possible and try to teach our kids Internet safety but wouldn't you like to be that much more safe? 
The IT tech told me something so easy to do and yet makes your computer as safe as it possibly can be. 

The profiles on your Computer are your best friend at safeguarding your Computer during your online time. Most of us, myself included, set our profiles up based on who will be accessing it. For instance, for myself I gave Full administrator authority. For my son I gave limited permissions and he needs me to approve his actions. 

If someone where to Hack into my Computer while I am on it, or send a Virus to me when I am on it they gain access to everything that I have access to via my Profiles setup. That means all of my passwords, permission to download items, etc. If they hacked in while my son is on, because of his Profile setup they would have access to only half of what they could have accessed through my profile. 

The tech suggested setting up an Administrator profile and giving only it full permission to make changes. Every other profile that will be should have the lowest permissions possible. You'll continue to use your profile for everything you do, you'll just require an additional password to make changes while under your profile. 

It's as simple as that! By doing so, if anyone ever happens to hack into your account while you are on it they will not be able to do much, if any, damage to your computer. They won't have access! 

Simple right? 

I've changed this over on my computer and I feel so much better knowing that I have further safeguarded myself, my family and my computer. 

I hope you've found this tip helpful, I surely have. 

Happy Holidays! 


Through Pain and Smiles

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wahl Trimmer Review

My husband was lucky enough to review a wonderful Trimmer just before the holidays.
The Wahl Lithium Ion Trimmer is fantastic.
The set included:
Rechargeable Trimmer, Trimmer Head, T-Blade Head, DualShaver Head, Detail Head, 6-Position Guide,
3 Standard Guide Combs, Stubble Guide, 1/8" Guide, 3/16" Guide, 3 T-Blade Guide Combs, Stubble Guide, 1/8" Guide, 3/16" Guide, Storage Base, Charger, Cleaning Brush, Blade Oil, English/Spanish Instructions

My husband keeps a trimmed up goatee beard and was in need of a new trimmer when this arrived. He was amazed at all the attachments and accessories.
While he was not keen on allowing me to video him shaving, I did photograph him and then do a small "interview" with him about the trimmer.

This would make a fabulous gift for any guy on your Christmas list, or if you've shopped for him you can think about it for a birthday or Father's Day.

Disclosure: This trimmer was provided to my family for review purposes. All opinions are that of the person featured (my husband). No monetary compensation was received.

Amazon Code Winner

Congratulations to

JD said... bse i have my eye on a book

congrats Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My aspirations and plans for the new Year

The New Year approaching and with it come Resolutions that are never kept.
I'll lose weight, I'll spend less money, I'll eat healthier (those are all mine by the way).

Next year needs to be "That" year for me. A year for changes, for growth, for me to try and improve our lives in some way.

If I eat healthier, I'll lose that weight. I won't tip 200lbs on the scale. I'll have more self esteem and confidence. When I feel better about me, it will stream to my family. When my children see that I can be happy with me, they can accept themselves as well without harsh criticism.

If I spend less money, we can pay off the van faster, pay down the mortgage, save for a vacation, save for colleges, save for emergencies. If I spend less money that means I spend more time at home. Keeping laundry going, the house ~always~ clean (instead of most of the time).

If I can work more from home, then I'll earn more money to help pay for things around the house. I'll take less stress off of my husband's shoulders. I'll show my children that I am more than the person who *just* cooks, cleans, and takes care of them. I will feel a sense of pride when I get that paycheck and can say, "let me pay this bill", or put money into the savings account.

Maybe this year, if I can become a better me, then my husband will feel better about himself. If I can grow more as a person, show him that I can accomplish my goals, then his goals will not seem so far away.

This year has gone by so quickly. My goals were not reached as I had hoped and our finances, while stable, were not enough to allow us to save as we would have liked. My children have grown into new people yet again and continue to teach me about life as I do my best to nurture them.

I have made new friends, reconnected with some lost ones, and fallen in love daily with the most amazing man. While my life is full of daily grind and routine, it is filled with love and joy as well. I know at the end of the night, I will tuck my 3 boys into bed and kiss them goodnight. I know that I will sit on the couch and hold hands with my hubby. I know when I wake up, he will whine about going to work, the boys about going to school, and once again, my day will be full and I will wonder where it has gone.
I hope that in 2011, I can better reach the goals I will set for myself. Even if it's just one goal, I will feel like a champion.

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Ok Santa, you've been Caught! iCaught Review and Giveaway

My boys want "proof" Santa exists. Last year I had to search for a picture of him and photoshop him into a picture and leave a letter. This year it's going to be SO much easier!

With, you can insert one of 20 different realistic Santa poses into YOUR picture!

Here's How it works:
*Take a picture of your tree or where ever you want your "Santa" to be.
(Horizontal pictures work best)

My tree (don't mind Lego Star Wars on the TV please )
 Upload your Picture, Choose a Santa Pose, Make an adjustments you want, then Viola'!

My boys still believe so this picture will be awesome for them!

You can purchase a photo at for $9.99 if you don't happen to win, and get 25% off by using the code EVERYDAY-RAMBLINGS-OF-MYLIFE

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Want to be Wicked Fresh? Tom's of Maine can help!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Toms of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.

We all want fresh breath. When was the last time you were speaking with someone and felt absolutely confident about your breath?
Tom's Of Maine has great natural products that help keep your mouth healthy.

The sweet mint gel toothpaste not only cleans and freshens, but also whitens your teeth. Cool mountain mint mouthwash makes your mouth feels Wicked Fresh! The spearmint dental floss gets in those hard to reach places between your teeth and helps keep your gums healthy too.

Tom's Of Maine does not test on animals and has no animal ingredients. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or fragrances. It is also Gluten-free. This all natural, effective toothpaste has been approved by the FDA. I love that Tom's Of Maine offers both Fluoride and Fluoride-free toothpastes. The also offer a children's toothpaste which my kids would love. Too many products contain ingredients I cannot bear to put into my children's bodies.

The Cleansing Mouthwash does not contain alcohol and that makes me a happy girl!

You can enter to win Wicked Fresh Prizes by going to the  That's Wicked Fresh contest page. All you have to do is share your Wicked Fresh Moments.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quick Amazon Giveaway $5.00 Code Ends 12/17 9p EST

I am going to have a Quick Giveaway to hopefully help one of my readers with their Christmas Shopping.
I received a $5.00 from a Survey I took and I'm going to pass along that code to 1 person

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Progresso Panko & Autographed Cookbook Review and Giveaway

I make a wonderfully delicious dinner.
I did a baked chicken breaded with Progresso's Lemon Pepper Panko Crispy Bread Crumbs, with side of course.
I was a little concerned as I am not a huge "pepper" fan, but it was really tasty. Even my kids liked the breading.

Chef Michael Chiarello has teamed up with Progresso in promoting this wonderful new item.

Visit the Progresso website for additional recipes, tips for cooking with panko, video and a coupon for $1 off any panko flavor.

Hubby has decided that we are using the remainder of the Panko do bread our fish for Christmas dinner. This will be a lovely treat for our family this year.

One Lucky reader will win a package of Progresso Lemon Pepper Panko and autographed copy of Michael Chiarello's Bottega Cookbook.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

I cannot believe it

I am sick again

It started with a scratchy throat, then some congestion.. The past 2 mornings, i have been bent over the potty and yesterday I had the shakes and light headedness, which eventually went away.

I have 2 school Christmas parties and a vpk Christmas celebration this week.

Now I would rather now be sick at all, but I guess this week is better than next week.

Blah, I want to feel better soon!

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Carmex Moisture Plus Giveaway Winner Announced

Congratulations to

clynsg said...
My daughter likes the original Carmex gel.
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Jumbies Giveaway

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Jumbies
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JUMBiES are Jumbled Babies! They are a result of the storks crashing into each other and jumbling up all the baby animals!  So a Duck and a Monkey becomes a Duckey!...and a Dingo and a Bat becomes a Dingbat!

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Hosting a Spectacular Holiday Party via Pier 1

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine.

I want to host a great party this year.. Just after Christmas, when everyone can share their cool gifts and gadgets, and maybe have a White Elephant Exchange for those gifts that made you force a smile.

I was checking out the website for Pier 1 and looking for holiday gifts, I clicked on one of the links which took me to a page called the "Tasting Party Collection".

I love the presentations that Pier 1 used. The White Porcelain Spoons and Medium Rectangle Server with the desserts just jumped out at me. The Sampler Set which includes the tray and 4 cups are so delectable with the skewers of food standing in them!

Even though Christmas will have passed when I host my party, I want to do some cute Stocking Stuffers as gifts for my friends. The Weekly Calendar Mouse pad is perfect for all my friends who live at their computers. Everyone loves cute pens and the Assorted Gem Pens are perfect for almost every guest.

To welcome my guests, the Gilded Pinecone Wreath is sparkling and spectacular.

The Pier 1 website has holiday gifts for every person you know. Teachers, hosts/hostesses, co-workers.. Even for that one person who has everything!

Did you know that during the month of December you can support Toys for Tots by dropping off an unwrapped toy or make a cash donation at the register, plus, if you *Like* Pier 1 on Facebook, they'll donate $1.00 for each unique *Like*

How cute is the Beaded Wine Bottle Cover and Stopper? I would love this as a gift for Christmas!


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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Need Shopping guru find ! HELP!

I am looking for slipper socks simliar to these: Knit Slipper Socks , which cost $29.95 from LL Bean.
They did not get "fabulous" reviews and I really do not want to spend more than $30.00 on this particular item.
Hubby wants a pair of these so bad and I've googled them but they are more expensive elsewhere. Ebay has been no luck either.

If anyone sees something similar, please let me know. I saw a pair in a magazine a month or so ago, but it got tossed. It wasn't Lakeside Collection, but it was one of those similar publications.


The Perfect Gift for any griller !!!

Grill Charms™
offer an entirely new concept in outdoor entertaining. They are dime-sized solid stainless steel charms that are placed in food BEFORE grilling. The serrated stem holds the charm in securely while flipping, moving and grilling food like the Grill Master normally does. Grill Charm™ food prior to cooking to distinguish spices and flavors, steak temperatures, or to avoid health or allergy issues. They stay in before, during and after grilling so when dinner comes to the table, simply look for your Grill Charm, and everyone knows which one is theirs. They are one hot grilling tool!