Thursday, December 16, 2010

My aspirations and plans for the new Year

The New Year approaching and with it come Resolutions that are never kept.
I'll lose weight, I'll spend less money, I'll eat healthier (those are all mine by the way).

Next year needs to be "That" year for me. A year for changes, for growth, for me to try and improve our lives in some way.

If I eat healthier, I'll lose that weight. I won't tip 200lbs on the scale. I'll have more self esteem and confidence. When I feel better about me, it will stream to my family. When my children see that I can be happy with me, they can accept themselves as well without harsh criticism.

If I spend less money, we can pay off the van faster, pay down the mortgage, save for a vacation, save for colleges, save for emergencies. If I spend less money that means I spend more time at home. Keeping laundry going, the house ~always~ clean (instead of most of the time).

If I can work more from home, then I'll earn more money to help pay for things around the house. I'll take less stress off of my husband's shoulders. I'll show my children that I am more than the person who *just* cooks, cleans, and takes care of them. I will feel a sense of pride when I get that paycheck and can say, "let me pay this bill", or put money into the savings account.

Maybe this year, if I can become a better me, then my husband will feel better about himself. If I can grow more as a person, show him that I can accomplish my goals, then his goals will not seem so far away.

This year has gone by so quickly. My goals were not reached as I had hoped and our finances, while stable, were not enough to allow us to save as we would have liked. My children have grown into new people yet again and continue to teach me about life as I do my best to nurture them.

I have made new friends, reconnected with some lost ones, and fallen in love daily with the most amazing man. While my life is full of daily grind and routine, it is filled with love and joy as well. I know at the end of the night, I will tuck my 3 boys into bed and kiss them goodnight. I know that I will sit on the couch and hold hands with my hubby. I know when I wake up, he will whine about going to work, the boys about going to school, and once again, my day will be full and I will wonder where it has gone.
I hope that in 2011, I can better reach the goals I will set for myself. Even if it's just one goal, I will feel like a champion.

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