Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tip for Internet Safety

Hello Everyone! I'm Melissa from Through Pain and Smiles and I was lucky enough to grab a Guest spot here at Everyday Ramblings! Thank you to Tara for allowing me to steal your blog for a moment!

A few weeks ago I had a wonderful IT technician who was at my job on an assignment. He shared with a very good and important tip that I'd like to share with you all.

As a Mom of a 14 year old boy who is growing up in this Internet savvy world I'm always concerned about him (as any Mom would be) and online safety. I can't think of a single person out there who is not concerned with the Internet and for valid reasons. Not only the content that can be found but also Cyber crimes, Hacking and the dreaded Viruses that can attack not only your computer but your security and personal information.

Do you know of anyone who has ever had their Identity stolen? I do. Me! While sites try to make everything as safe as possible things can happen. Even with the security measures I have in place on my computer, things can happen.

We all try to be as safe as possible and try to teach our kids Internet safety but wouldn't you like to be that much more safe? 
The IT tech told me something so easy to do and yet makes your computer as safe as it possibly can be. 

The profiles on your Computer are your best friend at safeguarding your Computer during your online time. Most of us, myself included, set our profiles up based on who will be accessing it. For instance, for myself I gave Full administrator authority. For my son I gave limited permissions and he needs me to approve his actions. 

If someone where to Hack into my Computer while I am on it, or send a Virus to me when I am on it they gain access to everything that I have access to via my Profiles setup. That means all of my passwords, permission to download items, etc. If they hacked in while my son is on, because of his Profile setup they would have access to only half of what they could have accessed through my profile. 

The tech suggested setting up an Administrator profile and giving only it full permission to make changes. Every other profile that will be should have the lowest permissions possible. You'll continue to use your profile for everything you do, you'll just require an additional password to make changes while under your profile. 

It's as simple as that! By doing so, if anyone ever happens to hack into your account while you are on it they will not be able to do much, if any, damage to your computer. They won't have access! 

Simple right? 

I've changed this over on my computer and I feel so much better knowing that I have further safeguarded myself, my family and my computer. 

I hope you've found this tip helpful, I surely have. 

Happy Holidays! 


Through Pain and Smiles

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