Thursday, January 6, 2011

And the fun continues

I have never had a stress test.. Well, not a "real" one.. Life is my stress test. If I can handle it without losing my mind, then it's all good..

BUT, tomorrow, I'll be at the Medical Arts building having a Stress Test. I've head you are only in a hospital gown and have to run on a treadmill. Really? Sorry folks, I DON"T run! This momma, is well, well-endowed by the grace of 3 children (went from a 34c to a 40E in 8 years). No way I run when I have on 2 sports bras at the gym, you think I am going to do this bare chested?

Good Luck to those folks trying to get me to do that.. Should I burst their bubble when I walk in the room or let them figure it out on their own?

In all seriousness, I know it must be done.

The nurse called from my PCP's office to let me know I'll going on Cholesterol meds today.
 This sums it up for ya...

It's for 6 weeks (minimum with another blood draw after the 6 weeks) and I forgot the name of the med, but I'll be picking it up at Target later..
My Cholesterol # overall is reasonable (under 200) but my LDL is higher than my PCP would like for someone with "my family history"

Just another reason I am heading back to the gym. I will NOT be on meds the rest of my life. I know my #'s increased as my waistline did. I plan on taking care of that.

So for the time being, I'll make due with what I have be given as an opportunity to make my life better.
That's what this is, an opportunity.. I can't look at it with a doom and gloom outlook, it's depressing to do.
If I do not take this opportunity, I may not get another one and my babies could be without a Mommy.

I want to say Thank you for those who have read, responded, prayed and sent thoughts my way.
It's encouraging and wonderful to know and see kind wonderful people!

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  1. Praying for you NOW!! As Oprah once said BEFORE God SHOUTS at you (with like, a heart attack), he whispers at you, speaks a little louder and so on. Good for you for hearing it before He had to shout!!


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