Monday, January 31, 2011

How do you teach your children about giving back?

There are certain times of the year where we all remember to remind our kids about being Thankful and giving back. But what happens when it is not Thanksgiving or Christmas?(the major charity related holidays).

How do you give back to the community?

With my oldest, most of our giving back is through Scouts. We do beach clean ups, and make PB&J sandwiches that are distributed to homeless people.
Then there is scouting for food where we collect the bags that the Boy Scouts left and take the food to a local food pantry.

My littlest is too little to understand yet, but we include him in these activities.

My 5 year old is at the point now where he understands and gets involved. Through the preschool, we have had several opportunities to give back. Last year we collected food for the food bank and did Soles for Souls. We also collected change for March of Dimes. The teachers did a good job explaining these things on the child's level.

This year, this week actually, we are doing things for the Kimberly Home. The Kimberly Home is a Pregnancy Crisis Center here in Pinellas County which not only helps pregnant women while pregnant, but after (if needed) as well.

Today is diapers/wipes, tomorrow is bottles/bibs, Wednesday is onesies/gowns, Thursday is blankets/ wash clothes/hats and Friday is socks and booties. Now while we are doing these things for the Kimberly Home, the kids get to have fun while learning. This week they have tricycle races, milkshake day, pajama day, silly hat day, and silly sock day.

The diaper donation today was astounding! The diapers filled the office and then spilled into the hallway, so I offered to take them up to the Kimberly Home.
It was a good opportunity to explain to Anthony (5) why we were helping this particular charity and why we give back to the community.
He helped me empty the van and take the diapers inside the building. The ladies there were very happy to receive such a generously large donation of diapers and loved that Anth helped me out.

What activities do you do within your community to show your children it's good to give back?

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