Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Looking for donations & they are tax Deductible

Our Pre-School is having a fundraiser.

Why am I telling you this? We need assistance with our class basket not only from parents but from Sponsors. We are trying to raise money to have a very wonderful & secure item for our school..

Please read on:
It is a family event called One Enchanted Evening. We are having a play company come in for the kids and they are doing "Aladdin". A Dance teacher is coming in to do some Zumba, Salsa, and other sances with the Mom's and then there are games for the Dads.

It's Coffee and Desserts, as well as wine.

Each Class has chosen a theme basket ans ours is Family Movie Night.
I have asked the class for the following donations:
Microwave popcorn, Movie Candy, Children’s DVD’s, Family DVD’s, AMC Movie Tickets, Pizza Gift Certificate, Popcorn Kernels, Seasonings for Popcorn, 1 or 2 months of Netflix, gift card Blockbuster Gift Card, Single Serve Soda & Waters (4-6 total)

All the class baskets will be raffled off. We have also secured Innisbrook Resort Golf and Spa Gift Certificates for the event and those will be a Silent Auction Item.

All the funds raised will be to help fund a security Fence for the playground area. Righ now, at any given time, anyone can walk onto the playground. It is fenced and gated but there is no "security". Our Director Ms Chrisit, has gotten the Okay to have a security fence installed. They have taken steps to level out the play ground area and move our utility sheds to rest along the main building. The new fence will still have gates, but you can only access them (from the outside) with a key card which each teacher will have. You can leave the play ground area at any time without a card.

Also, She will make it so that you must go through the Preschool building to get to the playground and other 4 classrooms.

I really wish this was in place when Luke was there and now this is Anthony's last year. While Christopher will not be in a class next school year (even though he could), I will still be a functional part of the preschool as he will continue to attend the Kids Morning Out Program and as long as we are living here, he will go to St. Luke Early Childhood Center for Preschool.

Any donation (monetary or item of value) is tax deductible!!!

If you know of anyone, any business, or company that can assist, please forward them my information or the Preschool Information. I can be reached at My phone number is available upon email request.
Thank you !!!!


  1. Will you be selling the raffle tickets via your blog? I'm sure that many of us would buy some!

    When will this event be taking place, and what is the deadline for donations?

    I would love to help in some way, since you are so near my old stopping grounds!

    Email me:-)


  2. I can sell raffle tickets via my blog. Our baskets have to be complete by Feb 3rd and the event is Feb 11th from 7-9pm
    ~Libby's Library -I have sent you an email :)

    Thank you for your questions


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