Monday, January 17, 2011

One Enchanted Evening - Special Incentive

I am hoping that I can help our Preschool raise money for the new security fence they want to have installed over the summer. This new fence will allow the most wonderful security for our children and peace of mind for parents. No one can get onto the playground or in the classrooms without going through the school office area.

We are having an event on Feb 11th.

Each class has a themed basket we are working on. These are going to be raffled off.
Class baskets Themes are:
Movie Night Basket, Arts and crafts basket, Fun in the Sun, Spa Basket, Dad's day out basket, Game Night Basket

Each basket should be quite large (a cooler for fun in the sun, a large red plastic drink tub for movie night, etc) and if you happen to be a raffle winner, I will personally pay for half of the sipping cost to get it to you.
Some baskets may include services that are only for the area (Spa will include haircuts, nails, lunch & such and Dad's day out could be golf or bowling for local areas).

We are also hoping to have large ticket items for Silent Auction. Innisbrook Golf Club and Tradewinds Resort have already chosen to donate wonderful packages.

If you make a donation though the paypal account, I will purchase raffle tickets in your name.

Donation of $5.00 = 2 raffle tickets in your name
Donation of $10.00 = 4 raffle tickets in your name
Donation of $15.00 = 6 raffle tickets in your name
Donation of $20.00 = 8 raffle tickets in your name

Donations are Tax Deductible

You can make a donation using the Paypal buttons on the Right Sidebar.
If you would like to be a sponsor or make a larger donation, please contact me via email at funair at gmail dot com.

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