Friday, January 21, 2011

Photos from dinner last night (Pasta Stuffed Pizza Shells)

So I tried the Pasta Stuffed Pizza Shells that I blogged about yesterday.
Since we had a Den meeting (scouts) I premade the shells & stuffed them. When I got home, I just added the sauce & put them in the oven.

Stuffed and ready for the fridge before scouts

After I had served. What yummy leftovers
Luke (8), CJ, (21 mo), and hubby all had 2nds. Anthony didn't like them stuffed (he's my picky eater) so I had to take the stuffing out of them. I did not add the zucchini. I bought little pre-sliced mini peperoni's from the cold meat section and they were perfect !I did not add the cheese on the top but added it into the shell stuffing and then allowed everyone to put their own Parmesan on the top. Just the way my family rolls...

I had posted the pictures on my Facebook page and then had requests for the recipe, so I had to add that too...
If you want the recipe, you can find it here

It was very good.. I am pleased and surprised at how much my family enjoyed it....

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