Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Update on me...

Ugh, I broke down and called my baby brother and told him what was going on. It's hard with loosing both your parents to the same disease and knowing that I am dealing with it myself, not something I want to share with him.
But it's better that he knows instead of hubby calling him to tell him I'm dead..

I had a blood draw done today by my PCP and he did an EKG while I was there. His words were "Well, you are not going to drop dead tomorrow, but you are somewhat abnormal". I had to laugh, I know I'm abnormal, what about my heart.  (Sorry if I don't laugh, I'll get depressed)

So I'm on a baby aspirin regimen, possibly on a cholesterol regimen (he said even if my numbers are good, I may still have to take something), and this Friday I'll have a stress test. If they wanted to stress me out, that stupid phone was worked. Even though I have to turn hubby's & my day upside down to get there "at the only time available between now the the 25th", I'm sure it's for the best and hubby did not mind given the fact it could help me live longer.

This wake up call has strengthened my resolve to lose weight and in 1 hour, I'll be heading to the gym.
A dear friend got Zumba for Wii and told me it kicked her butt this morning, so I very, very, very much want this new "game/video".

I have had NO water today but I assure you that I'll be well hydrated for the gym (Reminder: must get water NOW).

I don't want to leave my boys and my hubby like my mom did. I don't want to keep this weight on my body or my shoulders.

Please take your health seriously, Please live each day for that day. Forgive that which needs forgiven and love those even though, maybe at that time, you don't want to. Never go to bed angry and even though sometimes it's a difficult thing to do (at least for me) admit when you are wrong..
Hug your babies each and every moment you can, no matter how big or how small!

Love you guys, Thanks for listening


  1. Newest follower cheering you on. You know what you have to do and you have all the motivation you need right in your own home. I wish you the best!!!


  2. Tara,
    Wow, you've certainly got a lot going on. My prayers are with you and your family...keep us up dated!
    Becky Jane

  3. I am so thankful for you sharing this. So many of us moms put ourselves on the back burner when it comes to our health. I have an issue, not heart related but I am going to call my doctor about it!! Your in my thought and prayers.


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