Friday, January 14, 2011

The Weekend ahead

What are your plans for the weekend?
Some of you are in ice and snow, some have rain..
If you have kids, big or small, you'll be busy entertaining or running from sports practices to birthday parties..

Sunday is my hubby's birthday so we're making it a weekend event.
He is golfing with his parents and brother tomorrow while the boys and I (and eventually my SIL her 2 nieces) decorate the house..

Usually we order pizza and pig out, but both of us need to be a little more conscious so here is our menu:
Chick Fil A Nugget Tray, Make Your own Sandwiches/Cuban Bread, Salad, Cheese & Crackers, Fruit, Macaroni Salad, and a Publix Ice Cream Cake (and it's only a 7" cake, so no leftovers!)

He'll open presents from family and we'll have on the Steeler's game in the background!

Sunday, we'll make French Toast and open presents from the boys and I.. Luke (8) asked Lance what he wanted for his birthday. Lance said, "Just a big hug from all my boys..."
Ask & You Shall Receive...
I am constructing a great big hug that goes around the dining room and there will be 2 hands on either side of our bedroom door. and on the other side of the arms I have each of the boys heads cut out and they will be attached with string to another entryway.
It's difficult to picture in your head, but I'm going to work on getting it right today and get a picture of it for you later (check back)

So that's my weekend... It's planned and will be done and gone in a blink of an eye...

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