Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another "Giving Back" moment

I recently wrote a posted titled "How do you teach your children about giving back?"

We had taken a van full of diapers to our local Pregnancy Crisis Center, as the parents of our preschool are donating baby items this week.

Today, I made a 2nd trip. The Director's office was overflowing and Christopher (22mo) and I had no plans.

To say the ladies were astounded, is an understatement.

I put the 3rd row in my van down and this filled the entire back of my Mazda MPV.

Anthony knew I was going up there, but apparently thought I would wait until he was out of school. He was very sad I made the delivery without him.

I asked him why it mattered when I delivered it and he told me it felt good to know he helped deliver items that would help babies be taken care of.

So, even if it's the smallest thing you do with your child, such as delivering items that others purchased, they still get it. It still matters.

There were items in the office upon my return so I will make a final Friday delivery. This time, I'll wait until Anthony is out of school, so he can go with me.

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