Thursday, February 10, 2011

God is Good... I'm an idiot !

For those who have followed me from November, you may remember my rants about my then month old used van. It's an 05' Mazda MPV. The check engine light kept coming on and after 4 visits in less than a month and a half (and $500 later), it finally seemed to be fixed right before Christmas..

La di da di da..

Cut to this morning. It's raining, I'm running behind and have returned home from dropping boy 1 off at school, I grab boys 2 & 3 and head to the preschool.

And then it happens ..  You guessed it ! The Check Engine Light!!!
ugh.. I feel like Charlie Brown at this moment..

After I drop off boy 2, boy 3 and I have errands to run and I call Mazda and let them know that I would be back in, most likely on Friday as my errands seemed overwhelming. As I drove, that light just glared at me.. taunting me with it's orangish yellow glow..

I picked up a Gift Certificate from Peace Love & Cake who graciously donated to the Preschool's Enchanted Evening Event and bought a yummy looking canoli for hubby. it wasn't intended to soften the blow when I told him about the van, but it couldn't hurt.

He didn't eat the canoli and did not take the news well either :(

I decided to head to the dealership, just to have the codes pulled to see what I was going to have to deal with.

Our conversation went something like this:

Service Guy (SG) - Did you check the gas cap?
Me -um, not since I filled up the tank over 150 miles ago, no.......
SG -Let's check the Gas cap
Me - ok ???
SG -Oh, it's not screwed in tightly enough, that's probably the reason for the light.
Me - ok ???

He takes my car into the service bay as little man & I head inside, perfect opportunity to change his diaper too..
6 minutes later, my van appears..

SG -yep, the check engine light came on because the gas level hit a certain level and a sensor was triggered
Me - um, Thank you !! ?
Me -Wow, I must seem like an Idiot..
SG -Actually it happens more often than you would think, but it's mostly the "Elder" population
Me -Ok then.. Thank you.. Have a wonderful day

As I drive off, all I can think is God is Good. I did not stress, I was not in control of the situation and had to wait for the results and gave my worries over to God. I called hubby, left a message, I texted him (no answer until 3 hours later of course).

All day long, I have been feeling so very grateful that all is well with my van. Things are just so crazy right now and that would be the very last thing needed.

An so even though I feel like a total idiot, it's ok.. It's a lesson I learned and God has yet again proven to me that he hears my prayers, answers them in his time, and that I am worthy of his mercy.

Oh, Word to the wise, check your gas cap when you fill up !

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