Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Happy Marriage 26 Years Later... By Linda/Moms on the Move

I received this in my email inbox yesterday and after reading Lind'as Top 10 list, I thought I'd post it.
Marriage is not easy. It's a full time job on top of any other full time job (inside or outside the home)

I am greatful and thankful daily that I am still married to my best friend. We definitely have adapted to change throughout our 21 years together (over 15 of those married) and I am sure we'll grown and adapt to all the changes still to come in our lives together.

If you have a few moments to spare, read the article below!

Moms on the Move

Linda's Thoughts of the Day! A Happy Marriage 26 Years Later...

More and more I have been hearing from people who are having serious relationship issues. There are great couple breaking up, 10- 40 years married now getting divorced, single people being unsure about what really is a love relationship.

Below is my “Top 10” list of some of the things that keeps our 26 year marriage going strong with “loving who you are” being the key to a healthy relationship with someone else.

When difficult situations arise, we may argue but we don’t blame each other for them. We accept unexpected things will happen to us and we will make mistakes so we need to work towards a positive outcome.

We are aware that we are not the same person, so understanding that is enough at times than trying to understand why one of us would do something the other wouldn’t do.

We have and continue to put an enormous amount of energy into being together as a family (church, meals, birthdays, holidays, experiences) and the pay off is much love and joy from our children and between each other.

We budge. We allow the other to make a final decision even though one of us may not fully agree on something. There have been big decisions to make in our 26 years together; on children, business, extended family issues, etc. Not budging is a no win situation.

We always make sure we spend time together away from parenting and life challenges, if only for a night, so we don’t forget how awesome we are together. This helps keep our passion for each other alive. We see friends forget to do this and their relationships suffer for it.

We allow each other to grow individually with new ideas, new projects and in new directions, even though it can be difficult because we all evolve at different speeds and new ideas can cost money.

We share responsibilities. It keeps the peace and takes less effort then being the complainer or receiving the complaints.

We keep in touch about the day to day. There have been years when Ian was away half the year and I had small babies at home when we were building our business but I felt like we were always close.

We always show up for each other no matter what and that means we are still best friends.

We know there is a bigger picture than just us and we are here for the greater good so the less friction we allow in our relationship means more love and joy we share with others.

With love this Valentine’s Day!


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