Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm a Godmother :)

This past weekend I became a Godmother for the 1st time.
This is awesome for me as my BIL & SIL have 2 girls we get to spoil. Our older niece has my hubby & Nana (my MIL) for her godparents, so when I was asked to become the Godmother of their 2nd daughter, I was thrilled.
Now, I claim these two girls as my own nieces even though they are not from my own family line (like if my little brother would finally produce some offspring).

This past weekend was Gabriella's Baptism... I have not downloaded pictures from my phone (cause we forgot the camera), so here is what I have..

Aunt Tara (me), Gabby, and my FIL (The Godfather)
Proud Godmother Pictures, Images and Photos

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