Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Handsome boys sporting clothes via Haddad Brands

Monday & today (Tuesday), my boys decided to sport some of their new clothes. Not that their closets are not full with clothes, but new is cool, so I hear! (Can someone send me a new wardrobe too, please)

The outfit seen below was worn on Monday and though it looks super cute here, when lil man came home, it was full of chalk & chocolate (Mom's Morning Out Valentine's Party and playground time!)
It immediately went into the wash as the logo is a felt like material and not a screen printed or iron on type.
After washing & trying both the shirt and pants, I am glad to say they look just as nice now as they do in the picture below :)
CJ Proudly wore his Nike shirt and Levi's jeans..
The shirt arms were a little long, bit otherwise, perfect

Anth chose the Nike "A" Game shirt, which I absolutely love
and the Levi's Skinny Jeans.. The boys is so skinny, they look like regualr jeans on him

I love the back of the shirt!

CJ wore his other cool Nike shirt today.
I think he just likes taking pictures and saying *cheese*

Luke decided on the Air Jordan shirt today.
Some of the clothes we received are too big for the boys to wear now, but when they do wear them, I'll blog about it.

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