Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sharing Happiness with those around me

Many times during the day, each of us can get caught up with our lives. Work, children, school, extra curricular activities.. Sound Familiar??? It does to me.

I try at least twice a week to send happiness through email or special notes in lunchboxes to my husband and kids. But what about others around me? Around you?

Do you pay for the people behind you in the Drive Thru? I have done it and have had it happen to me. It's an amazing feeling and so humbling at the same time. I try to teach my children to share happiness with others.

It's so important. To say thank you and be polite. To hold the door open for an elderly person or someone who just has their hands full.

There are situations that present themselves that allow you that opportunity to share your happiness with others. Do you see those opportunities? Sometimes I miss them completely and see another person grab it. Just by watching another person share their happiness even though it does not involve me, actually makes me feel happy, and proud.

Recently, our preschool donated lots of baby items to our local pregnancy crisis center. I had planned on selling my baby's gently used clothes and allowed it to fund a new clothes purchase. Instead, I shared those clothes with the pregnancy crisis center. I allowed the happiness to spread to people I do not know and will never meet. Someone who has older children, who cannot afford clothes for their pre-toddler, now have clothes.

My children share their happiness with me as well. I will wake up on a Saturday and have beautiful pictures draw and cereal waiting for me. They are very good about sharing their happiness.

Sharing happiness to me doesn't have to involve material things, or even sometimes words. A hug, or even a smile can brighten someone's day. I’ve seen so many people brighten up with a simple smile. It doesn't cost anything, and it makes you feel good as well.

We all should find time during our hectic week to share at least one bit of happiness with someone. It could be a total stranger, a relative, your child or husband, even someone from school or church. Just one little instance makes such a huge difference in someone's day.

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