Thursday, February 3, 2011

When you have to Say Goodbye

When you leave family after a visit, see someone off who is deploying, it's difficult to say goodbye. You never know when or if you will see them again. I'm blessed to say that my brother has come home 4 times safely from deployment.

But what happens when you don't get to say goodbye. What happens when you are are far away from ones you love and an unexpected death occurs. I will always live with the fact I never said good bye to my mom or dad when they passed. That I *assumed* I had more time with them.

Today is a sad day at the Preschool. One of our maintenance men, who had recently retired and was planning a trip to Europe next week with his wife, to see grandchildren, is burying one of his children today. He does not speak English well, and my 2 years of Spanish from High School has failed me. He always helped during functions, set up the chairs & pews for mass at the church. He and his wife cleaned the school in the evenings.

His daughter had a headache, she told her husband she was going to lay down and she never woke up. She was 29. I saw the anguish on his face today and on their son's. Her father, I have never seen this vibrant cheerful man, more lifeless than I did this afternoon. Christopher and I hugged him as tightly as we could, I gave him a card, and we left the church.

I did not know her, just her Father from the Preschool, but my heart aches for them, for her family, for those who knew her. I heard she was an amazing mother to her son and the nicest person anyone could have known.

It's so important to let your loved ones know how much you care. Hug your children, send them your love if they are grown. I cannot bear to think of hubby going through that, if it were me who had passed. I cannot bear to think of the anguish my children would feel. And on the same hand, I would not want to be in that position to have to bury my hubby being so young.

Sorry to be melancholy.. It hits home when unexpected things like this happen and it reopens my grieving heart for my parents. 

May each of you today, find the opportunity to show or tell those in your life how much you truly love them...

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