Thursday, March 10, 2011

1 Giveaway Extended and 1 giveaway ending

For whatever reason, my comment/contest entries have been playing tricks on me. Some days I have 4 some days I have more.

My Orglamix Cosmetics (today) has 4 entries. I gues the others will turn up when Blogger loves me again?
Orglamix Cosmetics has allowed me to extend my giveaway til Saturday.

To win your choice of 3 eye shadows, visit Orglamix and sign up for their Newsletter. Leave a comment back on my blog when you have done both!

Also, the Mavala Stop (Nail biting and Thumb sucking) giveaway ends tonight.
Your chances are good since there are either no entries (and no one bites their nails and neither do their children) or Blogger is showing me the love again.
Either way.. Enter both of these giveaways soon !!!!
Thanks a bunch !!

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