Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blogmania Sponsor: Laurel Arts

I am proud to introduce to you one of my Blogmania Sponsors; Laurel Arts.

Below is a portion of a Blog interview which the owner of Laurel Arts has permitted me to share.

I am inspired by nature, the trees, the leaves, animals , other artists, but my customers are probably my greatest source of inspiration. They will share an idea with me, and that starts the creative juices flowing. We collaborate until we come up with the perfect piece for them.

Family is important to me and two years ago I created The Family Tree Wind Chime. It is

made out of clay and is in shapes of various sized leaves, imprinted with family names, dates, power words, etc. I think it is the perfect gift for anyone, parents, grandparents, newlyweds, etc. I was especially thrilled this past Christmas when I designed one for a family and they asked me to add to the order a separate leaf imprinted with a young lady's name on it. I put that separate leaf in a small box and tied it with a pretty bow. I was told that on Christmas morning the completed wind chime was presented to this young man's family and of course they were thrilled. He then handed the box with the separate leaf to his visiting girl friend
and proposed to her. She has since added her leaf to their Family Tree Wind Chime. I felt a part of that celebration. I love hearing from customers and the stories they share. I take a lot of pride in my art, my creations. I try to create not only whimsical pieces, but functional as well.

Jean of Laurel Arts will be providing one of my Blogmania winners with a Family Tree Wind Chime of their own...

Look for more Blogmania Sponsor info to come !!!