Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Free Clairol Foam Hair Color {Review} My experience..

I received my coupon for the Free Color Foam from the Clairol Facebook Giveaway.
I am a frequent Hair Colorer (it that a word, well, it is now) and could not wait to try the Color Foam.
I know, you cannot believe everything you see on TV, but they made it look so awesome!

I swear I should have been a red head so I am always going with various Red Shades. As you can see, I purchased the 6R light Auburn.

I followed the directions for mixing and began the process of coloring. I was okay with the squeeze bottle and having to apply it by hand instead of directly to my hair. Although, in the end, it did cover all my hair, I felt as though it wasn't, while I was applying the foam.
The odor was quite intense, even with the an on in the bathroom. That took me off guard.
Once applied, I hung out with hubby waiting for the 25 minute time limit to expire.
Hubby commented multiple times how the color smelled as if it had *Hops* in it (like beer hops). I had to agree. Although it originally reminded me of stale cotton candy.

Once the time limit came and went, I showered and after applying the conditioner, noticed that my hair still felt very coarse. This was new to me. Normally after the conditioner, my hair feels silky and smooth.

I let my hair go with just that one conditioning and it has taken 3 washes/conditioning's to make my hair feel "normal" again.
While I do like the Clairol Brand, I will not purchase/use this Foam again.

Me & Hubby on our way to a wedding on March 19th

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm actually going to buy new color tonight, and it won't be this brand!


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