Monday, March 7, 2011

Scouting this past weekend!

2 of the Webelo boys crossed over into Boys Scouts this weekend and we were lucky enough to witness it.
Although we did not sleep over during the Family Camp, CJ & I were there until dark & Hubby had the 2 older boys there until 8:30p

The boys scouts cooked on the grill for us, had a game and pitch up an official "Boy Scout" campsite..

The game was to build a teepee fire and make a soda can filled with water & soap, boil over...
We had never done this before...

Here is our Wolf Den working together..

Guess who got theirs Going First ...

And then won..

I was so proud of our Wolf Boys who pulled together with their parents and won this..
There was no prize, just knowing they did it..

I made 100 cupcakes and all the families brought icing and sprinkles.
They were almost completely gone within 45 minutes..

In May, Luke will participate in the crossover for the rest of the boys, were the wolves will go to earn their Bear Patch. Luke has completed all his assignments and will receive his Wolf Patch next Month

I very much enjoy being a part of this activity. All of the boys enjoy participating, even if the smaller 2 can't officially join ..

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