Thursday, March 31, 2011

What an icky day!

Today we were faced with some nasty weather.
Tornado warnings abounded through out the surrounding areas. The preschool went into "duck and cover" mode. My (soon to be) 2 year old and the other KMO friends were placed in the hallway of the mail school building while the 2 upstairs classrooms (including my Anthony) were under the stairwell in the building (we have 2 stairwells). The other classrooms were in the back of the church (or) in the hallways adjacent to their classroom.
My friend left my house and said their were tree limbs down and she had to avoid a down power line as she left my neighborhhod.

Now, this may seem like easy peasy to my Northern readers/friends) but we just don't get this weather. We've not had really bad weather like this in years! Hurricanes have been nil in our area and we get a little rain here & there. I'm glad it is Spring Break for Luke, though our anticipated pool trips at the YMCA have not existed

I really need to go to the store, but considering at what time I should brave the weather.

I miss the sun

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