Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Sping Break - Woo Hoo!

This past week (Mon-Wed) was crazy at the pre-school.. Each day was a celebration of Holy Week..
I've been trying to Easter stuff done without having children nipping at my heels.

Now, Only 1 child in school for the next week.. Doesn't mean I won't be busy.
I will be finishing up 2 Teacher scrapbooks and 1 for our Directer.
I have also agreed to resume the role of PALS (our PTA) President, though Cj won't be in a class next year.
I have things to get together that will go inour summer packet home to parents as well as re-introduce myself to the parents of the younger students who will return.

Luke still has school and we still have Karate.. Luke will be receiving his Wolf patch on Monday so that's very exciting !!! All of our boys (7 of them) will be receiving their patches together. We wanted to make sure everyone completed everything before anyone received these wonderful patches.

I have some reviews I am working on, I need to post a couple of giveaways.. and sometime in here, take a breath! I think the lawn needs to be mowed too ;)

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