Thursday, April 28, 2011

A hard time in school, it's only going to get tougher.

I am going to preface this post by saying, I was an average student. A 2. something gpa when I graduated. Not an acceptional student by any means.

But school is different now. The college courses you can take in high school are amazing, the opportunities presented if you can get them can send you a long way in life via scholarships, colleges, and life experiences.

My 8 year old is a good kid. He is a fantastic writer, he loves to create stories. He illustrates them and does comic strips. Social Studies and Science hold his attention and he can memorize almost anything. But sit this boy down with some math and I can see me sitting there... ugh!

I had a math tutor for Algebra in 10th & 11th grade. I just could not master this class. My mom took me once a week to this ladie's house and I'd sit there for an hour while she explained x=y+2 whatever to me.. It was like a forgein language I could not master.

I am wondering how early it too early for math tutoring? I mean, I want Luke to succeed and I know he is not going to like every subject ever, but when do I worry? He'll begin getting those "real grades" next year (A-F) and then here in Florida, we have FCAT's to worry about starting in 3rd grade (yep, next year).

I hate the whole, labeling thing, it drives me batty. I don't want him labeled in any way for his math inabilities or focusing skills.

What are your thoughts.. It's not so hard right now, but he dislikes math so much, so when do you get them help?

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  1. I'd start to consider it if he already 'hates' it. Only because - I 'hated' math all throughout school but when I got to college, had a fantastic algebra teacher that showed me that math didn't stink! And now I love algebra. :) If someone can help him look at math in a different way, it could change his whole schooling experience, you know?


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