Sunday, April 17, 2011

Have you filed your tax returns yet?

Some people have not yet filed their Tax Returns. Man, we had ours in as soon as we could.
I dislike paper work so much. Filling out forms just seems so tedious to me.
For the past several years we have used Turbo Tax to do our tax returns. It's easy for me (since I am the one who files it). I like that it walks me through all the steps and helps me to maximize my deduction.
I've had occasions where I needed to find an answer to a question I had, and thankfully, Turbo Tax had the answers for me in the Q&A section.

I have never had to file an extension, but some people do. Did you know you can file a tax return extension right through Turbo Tax? I had no idea. I stumbled across the topic the other day.

Have you filed your tax return yet? What are your plans for your refund (if you get one)?
We always pay our property taxes and home insurance with part of it. We also do 1 nice family vacation. The rest, we save for home improvements or emergencies.

We are lucky to have received some decent refunds in the years past and we've needed to dip into into that savings. I'm so glad we've had it there.

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