Friday, April 8, 2011

How privledged my kids are...

My boys are so lucky.. Now, when I was little, blogging on the computer was not around. Heck, computers were not a staple in the home. Heck, now, if you only have 1 computer, something seems wrong!

But since I have begun blogging, My kids have been able to review, receive, and sample things that would otherwise be unknown to us or out of reach.

I wonder how we functioned before our fingers ever hit the keyboard. I was talking with my MIL and husband last weekend and she asked him if he took typing in high school (how funny she couldn't remember), but he didn't. I took typing, on a TYPEWRITER! My kids don't even know what a typewriter is!

I didn't have an Ipod, Netbook, Notebook, MP3 player, Wii, Xbox, or even Netflix. It's amazing the things that come out of my mouth when my kids misbehave and I threaten to "punish" them.

"I'll take away your Ds, Wii, or Mp3 player privledges." Really, I mean, Really? My mom didn't threaten, I just got that *look* and I knew better. I had no (Chances).

Homework is reading.. why? shouldn't they read? I mean, read a book, with pages they have to turn.. Not on a kindle or computer.. but a REAL book..

So much has changed since I was 8 (the same age as my oldest child)...

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