Thursday, April 28, 2011

I love this new Covergirl Foundation!

How does it look? Can you see it?

I'm wearing Covergirl natureluxe liquid silk foundation #320! It's so smooth and lightweight.
The natureluxe liquid foundation has a SPF10  sunscreen built in and really is just so easy to apply.
I absolutely love Covergirl products in general, but now, I've found a new foundation. I usually don't wear it because it feels so heavy on my skin but this doesn't.

I also paired my new foundation up with Covergirl Lip Perfection #320 (soulmate)

It seems 320 is my covergirl number !

Now, my new foundation also came with a fabulous lip balm, but a showed it to a wonderful friend and it looked so awesome on her, I let her keep it. She has worn it several times since and says that it makes her lips smooth. It's moisturizes and even tastes good, unlike some other products she has tried.

**I forgot to say I wrote this as a part of my BuzzAgent Review...

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