Friday, April 29, 2011

Just a quick Mommy Brag

Luke started Karate (a satellite class) at our YMCA, in early March.
I think we may have missed 2 classes since we started.
Today, he was given the opportunity to test for his yellow belt.

And so he achieved his goal.
We are super proud...

Okay, bragging done :)

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  1. congrats to your son! You definitely can brag about him! My son's into karate also, he's a blue going on green belt, over here in Brevard County. I saw your post about the FCAT and math! Oh boy, just wait till they start heading towards middle school! I feel like I;m going to have to go back to school with my son, just to even help him with homework in any of his classes next year in the 7th grade!



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