Thursday, May 19, 2011

Father's Day is coming and I need ideas

I swear, each year it becomes more and more difficult for me to decide on something for my husband for Father's Day.
I don't focus on one particular hobby or point in his daily grind. I try to do a couple of things, one being sweet, another funny.. These things are always something he can use.
It's been a funny "Dunder Mifflin" t-shirt or  funny coffee mugs. I have done the golf thing (a hobby of his).
Heck, the man has a massage gift certificate given to him by his mom from 3 years ago! (and complains I never do anything for myself).. But I digress..(not really)

I did get him to go with me for a pedicure for Mother's day and he was instantly hooked, so that may be an option. The kiddies can go to Camp/Summer Kids Morning Out, and I can take hubby for a pedicure & his beloved Dunkin Donuts Coffee (which we can get only in the mall now since our DD burned down a month ago).

Hubby & His sister during his gifted birthday trip to Brooklyn in 2010
 I even sent him away (well for his birthday), to Brooklyn, NY to visit his sister.. He enjoyed the time there but travelling home was a nightmare, so that will never happen again. I bought him a leather bound personalized journal because he wanted to start writing a memoir. That was when I was pregnant with our
now 5 year old son. He carries it to work in his messenger bag everyday and has for 5 years. Every page inside is blank. But he has started writing just in the past 2 weeks, he just uses his netbook now.

I need ideas, suggestions, help.... There is no point in asking him. I do know he wants a new surround sound system for the house, which is do-able.

I'd like to find something thoughtful, meaningful, memorable.. He's an amazing Father and Husband. He works his tail off and affords me the opportunity to stay home with our 3 boys instead of asking me to work outside of the home.

I have a month.. A month to decide on that perfect something.. although, if it's an order online perfect something, I have less time that that. eek!

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  1. I'm going to take a picture of all of our kids holding a picture that says, "We love our Daddy" and frame it. I also got him a blue baby blanket since we are expecting that says, "I've already got daddy wrapped around my fingers."


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