Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lilla Rose Flexi Clip Review

Can I say much I love my Flexi Clip! It is versatile and works with all the ways I put my hair up.
I was nervous at first. Even though I watched the video and chose the size I felt was appropriate, my hair is thin and just doesn't stay very well when I put it up.

But the Lilla Rose Flexi Clip did exactly what it says it will.

The Flexi Hair Clip comes in six sizes to accommodate different hair types and styles. Depending on the amount and type of hair, you might use a small for a Ponytail, but a large for a French Twist. Below are resources to help you determine what size(s) of Flexi you need, and also how to do 8 common hair styles to keep things fresh.

I did 3 different styles with my Medium Length, moderately thin hair. I swept it back, pulled it in a half twist, and put it in a pony tail. all with the Small Flexi Clip.

Close up of my Flexi Clip

Swept back

my half twist updo (a typical daily thing for me)

Low set Ponytail
 The Sliding Pin is excellent for choosing how loose or tight I want the clip to be and i chose the Simple Band Dark Brown Small Flexi Clip [sku 1-1294].

I love the variety of clips. Some are simple, some are elegant, some have dangles. They come in different finishes and there is something to suit most every person.

I can see this product being a gift for some of my friends and family. Most have longer hair and they always pull it up at some point..

You can check out all the Hair Products (and much more) at this Lilla Rose Shop

Check out the Facebook Page for Lilla Rose (Donna Sisk-Independent Lilla Rose Consultant)

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