Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh.. my head & throat (more of a whine today than a rambling)

My littlest had a bad cough last week (mucus & runny nose). While this week he is better, I began to feel it over the weekend. Today has been the worst of it though... My throat and chest hurt from the coughing and from trying to get rid of whatever accumulates in my throat (ick, sorry).
I tried some NyQuil last night but awoke more so than usual.. I feel like I have a fever but 3 thermometers say no..

My oldest called from school & when I picked him up, he was starting with the cough as well..

I wish I could crawl back into bed, but if there are an SAHM's out there with small children, you know it isn't possible.. I'm thinking some dayquil and a cup of hot tea sounds soothing...

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