Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Verizon Fios makes my life as a mom easy!

I love our Verizon Fios Service. We’ve had 3 different Cable/Internet/Phone companies in our 13 years in this house, but decided that we had to return to Verizon a few years ago when they introduced Fios in our area.

There are some wonderful things Verizon Fios provides me, as a Mom, that I love.

I love Parental Controls. Now, I know most cable companies have this, but it really does make my life easier. There are just certain things I don’t want my 3 small boys watching (like violent cartoons) and I can rest easy that they cannot have access to them. Another thing is that Verizon Fios has an app for my Itouch Ipod. Hello!! Sometimes, after my kids are at school and I get home, the controller has disappeared. I downloaded the app and now can control my cable box right from my Itouch. Absolutely amazing & incredibly handy until one of my boys gets home to show me that the controller was shoved behind Wii games so the other could not change the channel.

I also love the Widgets Verizon has. I can check traffic for hubby when he calls and is stuck on his way home, or, Tweet about my favorite Social Moms topic. The weather is helpful when my oldest is getting ready for school. They are constantly updating the Widgets and it is a fantastic feature.

One thing I recently discovered is that I could utilize the Verizon Media Manager on my computer and access videos, photos, and music from my computer, right on my TV. I can also listen to radio stations from around the country. My husband loves the fact that he can connect to YouTube through Verizon Fios and watch videos on our TV.

One other thing that Verizon does for me is allow me to combine my Verizon Home bill with my cell phone bill. This makes my bill paying simpler and takes less time to pay just one bill online.

The On Demand feature is a favorite of the whole family and makes me very happy that when others take over during my TV time, I can use the OnDemand feature to go back and watch those Prime Time shows I missed, or the ones that come on later than I stay up. It makes my littlest happy (which makes me happy) that we can get his favorite Sprout shows.

Verizon Fios phone service allows me to check my phone messages from the internet or dial a toll free number when I am on vacation. I can forward my calls (to my cell phone) on a schedule or just when I am out of the house. I can check my email from any computer too.

These little things that make my life simpler and easier go a long way.

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