Monday, May 23, 2011

What Summer Getaways will you and your family experience this year?

School here in Florida is about 2 weeks from drawing to a close. My boys are looking forward to sleeping in, time with their friends, our pre-planned vacation, and the summer camps we have already set up.

I am sure each parent has things they want their child to experience over the summer. Maybe something new, or a family outing... We all want them to be safe and have fun.. Before I let you know what are plans our, I want to share what I think 5 things every child should do over the summer..

*1* Go Camping
While it is hotter than all get out here in Central Florida, I think every kids deserves to camp out. A state park with a campground or a KOA. Someplace where you can relax in the cold crisp spring water or tube down a river. Roast hot dogs over a campfire, make smores, and catch fireflies.

*2* Visit a Museum
Now, to a child, it may sound boring, but there are some great hands on children's museums. Interactive exhibits and hands on experiences will foster growth over the summer and while they have no idea that they are learning, they will be. Not only is this great to allow them to learn new things, but when they return to school, their enthusiasm for this particular outing can bring about wonderful things for other children. It may even  create a field trip.

*3* Visit a Theme Park/Water park
Whether it's a small theme park in your city or state, or you take a big trip to visit Disney or Six Flags, it's important to have the element of fun. Theme parks bring families together as well as allowing each member the opportunity to enjoy their own thrills and chills on particular rides. A Water Park is a particular hit during the summer. Most Water Parks have areas throughout to suit all age ranges from the wee little toddlers, to the beach loving teens, water sliding and even mock surfing... I'm a fan of the lazy river myself...

*4* A Historic Site
I would love to take my kids to see the Presidents carved into the side of a mountain, or view the awe of the Grand Canyon. There are so many historical locations all over the US, that it doesn't have to be a cross country trip. A little research and good planning can make this an exciting time. A scavenger hunt for historical tidbits at the location or a Historic Bingo game will allow learning and fun for the kids and the parents will not only enjoy watching the interaction, but maybe get a history lesson themselves (I sure could use a brush up course)

*5* A trip to see family
Not everyone lives close to their relatives and the summer offers a great opportunity to see Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Grandparents. A road trip, plane ride, or just a skip across town to visit family can be refreshing. For those who live far away, it's a time to reconnect,for the children to see a different way of life, or part of the country.

As for my family and I, we have a variety of things planned. Cub Scout camp, some camps at the YMCA (Flag football and arts & crafts camps), our Pre-School will have their Kids Morning Out Program open and all 3 boys will go some Mommy can enjoy some time off too. This will give my oldest some Volunteer time as well. We have Scout activities throughout the Summer, hopefully at least 1 trip to a Disney Theme Park (as we live only 1.5 hours away) and our family trip to Horseheads, New York. This is where my husband grew up and we are going for our 2nd year to see more and do more than last year. It's wonderful to show our children that small town life can be just as fulfilling as living is a larger city.

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