Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why am I a Proud Mom, let me share..

As any Mom will tell you, there are many things that can make you proud. All the Milestones of course (first smile, word, step, etc). Good grades, Good Deeds, Good behavior.. All of those things can make you a proud Mom (or Dad).

But why am I proud? I am proud to even be a mom.. After years of infertility and multiple unsuccessful treatments, I finally had a child. A precious healthy boy. A moment I would have loved to have shared with my mom. She would have been proud.

And as the years passed, I was blessed to become a proud Mom 2 more times. With 3 healthy boys crazily tearing through my house, I can say that there are just to many moments that I am proud of..

The moment I can quietly tiptoe to one of the bedrooms and see my 8 year old reading a book to his 2 younger brothers. Or knowing my 5 year old is okay outside playing with his own friends, without his big brother. Or hearing my 2 year old ask to go to school (Kids Morning Out, but he doesn't know that yet). While it makes me proud, I am sad as well. I know they are growing and will "need" me less and less as each year passes, and then knowing that they are okay, makes me proud again.

These moments make my heart swell. These moments tell me that I am doing okay as a mom and that my kids are okay too.

My oldest son is a Cub Scout and last fall he had to sell popcorn for the pack. One of the weekends we had a garage sale, he had to go to the Tiger growl and welcome the new cub scouts for the day and he so very much wanted to try to sell popcorn at the garage sale. After my husband and son left, my middle son asked if he could set up a table and sell popcorn for his big brother. There was no bribery, no asking, it was just something he wanted to do. And so he did. Though my garage sale did not rake in the dough, and Anthony only sold a couple of boxes for Luke, to watch this selfless act, was an amazing thing.

I can go on  and on.. Karate and cub Scout achievements, my 5year old puzzle king, and how my kids thrive on making each other laugh or how they play their paper jam guitars together like their own rock n' roll band.

These things, these beautiful unscripted moments and small acts of unselfish motivation, make me wonderfully proud. Those moments are when you have to sneak off and wipe the tears, because you know if they see you cry they'll either be embarrassed or worried.

I know now those moments my Mom experienced quietly to herself. I can still see her smirky smile and still feel the hugs I received, when she was proud of me. My hope is that I can make her as proud of me, as a Mom. I hope that I can continue to experience these amazing gifts through my children, these everyday moments that I am given, and am able to allow them to be as proud of me as I am of them.

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