Wednesday, June 22, 2011

10 things to help you along this summer

I am a busy mom to 3 boys. I thought when summer time came along, things would slow down but that has not been the case.I have been as busy as I am during the school year, just with different activities.

This week, I decided to do some things differently to get us out the door in a timely manner. Here are 10 Time Saving Tips to Make Your Life as a Busy Mom, Easier:

1) Plan the next day, the night before:
For us, we have camp during the day. The clothes are laid out on the dresser. We have been making sure the backpacks are packed with the items we need for the next day of camp. A Change of clothes, sunscreen, a towel for the pool. The lunches are made ahead of time. The lunches (per camp rules) have to be packed in large ziploc bags. so anything non-perishable is placed in the bag the night before. Sandwiches are made and placed in the fridge. So the bread does not get soggy, I put condiments in between the meats. I put ice in the large cups and put the lids on them and keep them in the freezer. When it's time for us to go the next morning, we just grab all of our items and put them together and off we go.

2) Dinner.. Done:
If you are not one of those (like me) who plans a weeks worth of meals in advance, it's good to have dinner planned out at least. I like to have any meats thawed out, veggies cut up and sides planned. When I get home from any outings, I try to make sure I get things together. I have everything ready in the fridge so that when it's time, I can get dinner together in a flash and not stress about it.

3) Combine Errands:
We all have places to go, things to shop for, but too many here's & there's waste gas and can wear on our nerves. Try to combine your errands. Today, I dropped off my son at Scout camp, went to the YMCA (to work out and then hit the pool with the 2 little boys), then after, we went to 2 stores (had to return and purchase items). Within 3 hours, I had done everything I needed to do and was home until it was time to pick up my son from camp. We didn't waste gas or time. Accomplish everything you need to while you are out. If you have too many errands or they are spread apart. Pick a morning and do the things that are centrally located and then plan the rest for another morning.

4) Be neighborly:
My kids love to play outside and we have lots of other children in our neighborhood. Get to know other parents (if possible) in your neighborhood and have the children play at each other's houses a couple times a week. The kids always play outside and there is one parent who watches them. I can get alot done with out my 2 older ones in the house, especially if the baby is napping. Knowing they are safe and having fun, and under supervision of a trusted adult, makes the day easier sometimes. Then, when it's your turn, the other parent(s) get to have that same opportunity.

5) Have them help:
My boys are old enough to pitch in and help around the house. It's nice to have extra hands to pitch in and help clean up and/or do some chores. There are many things that your children can do to help. Make sure they are age appropriate and the directions are very clear. You don't want to do a chore over because your directions were not understood.

6)Look online:
There are many activities put on within your local community that are fun and free! check your paper, TV station website and Chamber of commerce. Many mom websites compile lists for you so if you know of one, check it out!

7)Keep it cool:
Make sure have ice-pops, sprinklers, kiddie pools and fun things to keep this kids occupied when it's hot outside. Don't forget to join in the fun too! Sitting in the pool and splashing around with the kids will keep you cool, and de-stress you as well.

8)Taking a trip? Look for local things:
One tank trips are the best. You can find amazing things within one tank of gas that amazing, mystify and educate the entire family.

9) Don't forget your significant other:
If you are a Stay at Home Parent, there is another half that comes home after a long day of work and gets to hear about all the wonderful things you have done that day. Plan a game night, picnic dinner or make a Sundae bar. Instead of chores all weekend long, plan something that the entire family will enjoy together, even if your at home!

10) Don't forget about YOU!
The summer is filled with things to keep our children busy, occupied, educated, and by the time all of these things are done, most of us just want to sleep. Make sure that you take time at the end of the day, even if it's 10 minutes, just for yourself. You will feel better, rejuvenated, and ready for the next day!

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