Friday, June 24, 2011 Delivers! (Review)

On Thursday, I received my review item from .
For anyone who knows me, knows I have a purse fetish ;)
I still need space for diapers & toddler things but want to stay out of the Diaper Bag realm now.

This backpack is amazing. I've used it for 1 day and am in love with it.
The material is lightweight and the clasps, snaps, and drawstrings seem well made.
It's important for me to have breathable material since Florida is so amazingly HOT!

Here is what I received:

Me today with my new backpack from DinoDirect
 I did my Old Navy and Target shopping with my 5 & 2 year old boys in tow today. Normally, I am tossing my purse in the shopping cart or underneath and it gets kicked or spilled on. But I was happy to have my purse handily with me. It has all the compartments I need. I can store my keys separately from my phone & itouch. other for gum & mints and still one more for whatever I need. And that's the outside! The inside only has one pocket but it makes the rest of the inside more spacious. I can hold ALL of My things and still have room for snacks for the boys. Even a Sippy cup with all of that and still have room.

I am very pleased with my DinoDirect item.

The ordering process was simple and easy. I created a customer account and then was able to place my order. The shipping I chose was the slowest possible but arrived to me (internationally) in approximately 10 days. That is awesome!

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Disclosure: I received an item worth $25.00 or less for review from DinoDirect. No monetary compensation has been received and all opinions expressed above are my own.

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