Thursday, June 16, 2011

My latest project

So our latest project at home was a new swingset.
I bought the Westchester Play Set are from Toys R Us

My brother did not arrive in a timely manner so I brought the 300 pound 2 boxes full o' stuff home in my Mazda MPV..

The reviews say it takes anywhere from 5 (professional set up) to 33 hours (yikes) to put together fully. It took just under 13 hours for us. 3 hours the first day, 7 hours the 2nd day (my brother finally arrived) and then 2 hours 40 minutes the 3rd day.

It really is fabulous and my children LOVE it! It was totally worth the time and physical aches to see them happily in the backyard. We added some mulch, though we need more. The neighborhood friends love it too.. Our next door neighbor boy likes that he can stand on the fort and wave to his mom in their backyard..

Hubby even got in on the action and enjoyed  the swingset last night...

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