Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer time and exercise..

As an overweight mom of 3, I love that I am just blocks from our Ymca. But at 8am when its already 90 degrees here in Central Florida who wants to sweat it out at the gym?

I'm trying to get motivated daily to leave my air conditioning and live the 5 blocks so I can say I am no longer overweight.

We decided as a family (well, the boys and I since hubby is working) to hit the Ymca 3 times a week. After a workout for me, we all go to the pool.
It's a good incentive and we all win.

As I write my post here, I am on the treadmill. I like to multitask ;)
How do you and you family stay active and healthy while enduring the summer weather, especially for those who do not have their own pool?

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  1. Summer is hard for me, but we stay active by going to the pool and walking when it is cooling down at night. I need to lose some weight too.


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