Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zone Diet Review

I received this amazing package from Zone Labs.
I have been trying to lose some weight and any avenue I can take (besides surgery at this point), I will try it!
I am a huge carb junkie, so this box was right up my alley.
it contains breads, bagels, cookies, granola, pasta, croutons, pretzels, and much more.

I started off very excited and did my best to replace existing carbs with the zone diet ones.
I have to say, the granola was amazing!
The bagels were a little chewy and most things were too salty for my liking. I am an almost No Salt person.
The one thing that really got me though was, and maybe this is because I was changing what I was eating, but it really upset my digestive system.
I would get nauseous and then end up in the bathroom.

I shared some of the items I received with a friend of mine and she did not have issues like I did and was just very pleased with the products she tried.

Apparently it was just my body that didn't like what I was ingesting.The Zone Diet is an amazing program and I am not totally unhappy with it.

Many people have had success with this program and their site has amazing tools you can use.

You can read more about the Zone Diet programs, Why it can work for you, and so much more by visiting Zone Diets.

Disclosure: I received products from Zone Labs for review purposes. No monetary compensation has been exchanged. All opinions expressed in the above post are that of Tara F and Everyday Ramblings of My Life.

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