Thursday, July 28, 2011

choosing a cell Phone

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

With rising prices of Cell Phone plans, it’s a no-brainer when thinking about a new phone.  TracFone offers competitive prices for cell phone usage. The best part of TracFone is there are no contracts, no activation charges or cancellation fees. There are also no credit checks. TracFone offers great coverage nationwide and unbeatable reception.

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TracFone has Pay-as-You-Go plans where you can purchase minutes online or with cards available at thousands of retail stores across the country. You can choose monthly plans with 200 minutes for under $30.00, or you can go as low as $9.99 for 50 minutes. If you prefer, 1-year service give you much more. You can receive double minutes for the life of your TracFone, and 800 minutes, for only $119.00.

The “Double minutes for the life of your phone” feature is separate but can be purchased for an additional cost. However, some phones include it.

TracFone offers brand name phones such as Motorola, Kyocera, LG, Nokia and Samsung. They have simple phones, to Bluetooth®-enabled phones. The beautiful thing is YOU get to choose!

The simple phones for simple needs, with calling and texting capabilities can be found for under $10.00, you can’t find that deal anywhere else. You can also purchase phones packed with features like camera/video recorder, web access, app capabilities, mp3 player, and full QWERTY keyboard, for $29.99.
Tracfone is also the only wireless service that allows you to call internationally, for the same price as any other call.

Tracfone is a great product for the kids. You can keep in touch with them, and they with you for very little cost. No worrying about your cell phone bill coming in the mail they Pay-as-you-go feature is perfect for keeping minutes under control.

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  1. A phone for only under $10.00? Is that a typo? What models can you buy with such little money? Or are you referring to the call and text service?

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