Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Making your "On The Go" day a little easier

Let's face it, we are all on the go. We are running errands, driving kids from here to there and of course, work.

I would like to provide you with 10 simple tips to make your "On The Go" day easier. At least in my eyes.

  1. Plan your day: It's easier said than done because that last minute errand always pops up, but try your best to plan your day before heading out. It will save time, gas, and hopefully frustration.
  2. Pack a Snack: Instead of hitting the drive thru for a quick -pick me up-, pack a healthy snack, something portable to grab and munch on while sitting in traffic or waiting for the kids to finish up at camp or during a sports practice.
  3. Multitask while waiting: Another thing you can do while you are waiting for your kids or for an appt is to get other things done. Do you need to schedule a physical or make that much needed massage appointment. Why not get these things while you are idle.
  4. Stay hydrated: Keep a bottle of water with you. If you are like me, and don't really like just plain water, keep a packet of flavor lemonade in your car. If you really need a boost, bring along a can of iced latte from Seattle's Best with you.
  5. Stay Safe: You may expect me to say don't text and drive and keep phone conversations to a minimum and while those are important, there is also another thing to keep you safe. Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Under or over inflated tires can wreak havoc on a planned day with a blow-out.
  6. Take care of the little ones: When packing snacks and drinks for you, make sure your precious cargo has some healthy munchies too. Shopping trips will be easier if little tummies are not grumbling.
  7. Stick to your list: Especially if you are on a tight time schedule, sticking to your list is important. it could be your shopping list or a To Do list. Deviating from the list can add time and make your day stressful if you become rushed.
  8. Make dinner easy: If your "On The Go" plans keep you out all day, make sure you have dinner in mind, ahead of time. Crock pots are a huge time savor and can alleviate dinner pressures.
  9. Stick Together: When out and about, try to keep your errands in order. You'll waste time, gas, and nerves if you are going back and forth with no clear direction to your day.
  10. Don't Stress: Keep your cool, literally and figuratively. If you allow the day to take advantage of you, not only will it make your errands seem longer and more tedious but it could result in something much worse if you are stressed and distracted while driving. Do your best to take things in stride and make your "On The Go" day, as good as it can be.
Some of the tips above may seem automatic. Things you do everyday. Being prepared is a fabulous gift some people have naturally, but not me. It takes thought and memory for my days to go smooth.

I hope some of the tips have helped you !!

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