Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Son is very much into his "style" ... already

Let me preface this post by saying that Luke (8) gets his need to dress nice & "primp" from his dad.
Dad gets to dress nice and gel his hair & according to Luke, "look cool" everyday when he goes to work.

Last year, it was a struggle to get him in one thing while getting him ready for school. He felt the need to try on 2 or 3 shirts that would go with the right jeans or pants. He very much has his own sense of style.

He likes his jeans long and his shirts long and his socks "no show".. Apparently socks that show outside of your shoes just won't cut it.. This year he has asked for his own gel so that he can gel his hair and would like some new belts to go with his jeans and shorts. I certainly don't remember 3rd grade, really caring much what I wore to school.

Luke does not fall into any real "clique" in school yet. There are no jocks, or nerds, or skateboarder kind of kids that I have seen. I am sure that will change. But he does have his own dress personality.
His style is fading from "Character" t-shirts like Mario or Star Wars to more of a design, cool, hip kind of shirt. I can see him trying the skateboard style soon as he loves his dad's weekend attire.

Luke definitely likes to look good. He layers his clothes sometimes and really puts alot of thought into it. He even has multiple school bags, from a traditional backpack, to a messenger bag, to am over the shoulder kind of sling backpack. It just decides on his mood for the day. Seriously?!

I shutter to think what 3rd grade will bring. I know that when he returns, he will have one new accessory he is proud of. He has always wanted a chain (necklace). He has commented about the boys that have this or that and how he wants one as they are really "the cool kids" in his eyes. Well, he has a new Sterling Silver necklace (and crucifix) which he received for his 1st Communion.

I know he is anxious to get back to school. He is anxious to show off new things, meet new friends and see old ones. He has already made his back to school shopping list with things (I know) he isn't getting but I'll let him dream for now.

My son is very thoughtful in his style. He truly takes his time whether it's school, church, or like this morning, going to buy a new fridge. Yes, He wore "cool" jeans, with a "cool" belt, and a "cool" long sleeve shirt, which I made him change out of being that it was 84 degrees at 8a.

I am a get up & go kind of person. I don't really put much thought into what I am wearing unless it's a special occasion. This is all dad's fault really.

But I am glad he takes pride in his appearance. I am glad that I can go somewhere with him and know he is probably going to look nicer than me because he really put thought into it.

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