Monday, July 11, 2011


So I haven't posted really in a while, just some giveaways and reviews here and there.
Vacation really took it out of me.

The day after we arrived back home, I decided to do away with the crib and send the 2 year old to a "big boy bed". He is now in the bottom bunk and my 5 year old is in the top bunk.. My 8 year old is now proud tenant of his own room & he thinks he is Top Dog!

The 1st night was not too bad but the 2nd night sucked (sorry, it really did). I am prepared for another crappy night of sleep. It had to be done though so that in 41 days [yes i am counting] when school begins, he is comfortable in his space and not waking up the boys with his crying and constant up &  down.

Vacation was awesome except again, for sleep.
The beds were horrid and of course, I slept with a handsome but difficult 2 year old instead of my hubby.

I love going to visit Upstate NY where my hubby is from, and so do my kids, but I think we will stay local next year. I would like to have a potty trained, sleeps by himself child, like his brothers so I can enjoy things more. It sounds selfish, but really.. When Mommy is happy.. everyone else's life is easier.

My boys & Hubby enjoying Tanglewood Nature Preserve

CJ & I waiting for the boys & hubby while they are canoeing on the lake at Park Station

I am happy to be home and have some wonderful things planned.

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